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captioned by media access group at wgbh ( wolf howling ) sz. >> tonight at 9. search for family still missing at sea. 24 hours later the coast guard hopes to call it a rescue not recovery. >> if tell commuting bad for business. yahoo maints makes controversial decision in the valley.
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>> graffiti hits home. people in east bay fed up fateing back after the homes are defaced. >> of lead provided to police by abc news. new hope her mother murder nine years ago mit soon be solved. >> plus the new system to catch ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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>> keingt guard search for family forced to and the sin sinking sailboat and all they really have to good on is a may day call with a scratchy voice. good evening. coast guard plans to search throughout the night. distress call yesterday came in from a man who said that he his wife and 4-year-old
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son and another boy had to and their sailboat about 65 males from shore. that's where the search is centered at this point. now authorities today rae leased audio clip of distress call that they aren't even sure exactly who is speaking oypt. more now from 7 news mark matthews. >> we have very short portion of that emergency call that came in at 5:30 yesterday. last time anyone heard from the 29 foot sailboat. >> coast guard coast guard abandoning ship. we are abandoning ship. >>reporter: coast guard says the very weak call was picked up by his radio antenna along the coast and position figured at 65 miles off monterey. >> we are abandoning shin. >> incredibly. 68 males off sher and signal is really weak. so we had piece together what we can. >> coast guard petty officer said before they lost contact the husband said that he and his wife were trying to fashion
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a life raft. >> they said they a cooler and life ring and they would try and put them together to make speed limit sort of life raft because they had to and the ship because it was taking on water. >> coast guard lunching search planes and dolphins helicopters and boats from monterey bay. >> i heard rough and windy and it's not a please apartment day to be out. >> the air national guardfully 2 helicopters to the search area and coast guard cutter has dispatched sea and air search teams. the coast guard says it triangle the distress call on the antenna and every reason to believe it's genuine. >> we believe that there's enough evidence out there, 4 people throughout that need help. >> the 29 foot sailboat had been out in very rough conditions yesterday. high wind. big as well as. weather forecasters had issued an advisory. warning sailors about the perilous conditions this is abc 7 news.
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>> also off the monterey coast a couple who died in a diving accident. state park wreck asian department identified 40-year-old man and his wife 41-year-old marina. they died scuba diving at the natural reserve on friday. the incident remains under investigation of course. and exact cause of the death has not yet been determined. >> tonight west sacramento police are investigating one of the own. officer accused of sexual assault and kidnapping. investigators say that officer sergio committed the crimes while out on patrol. his belief 6 women were victimized some rae pete he hadly. another officer reported alleged crimes. west sacramento police chief says he knows his department now has to rebuild the community trust. >> personally i'm just appalled and sickened that someone who was put in position of trust would violent that trust in
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such an agreen us and despicable american. >> west sacramento police qi. alvarez on administrative the leave and booked into the yolo county jail. >> seen what tagger can do with graffiti. in oakland some people who have to live witness are fed up with it. the story from heather. >> i saw him trying to keep the people from vandalizing the building so i was on the phone with the police not knowing my building had already been bombed. >> kevin valentine drawn to second story window saturday just before 2:00 a.m. he heard noise he thought was his neighbor back yard party. instead it was the neighbor and his guests trying to stop a group of about 30 graffiti ta tagger in black hoodie. >> first they kind of came over into the party a little bit. and started disrupting things. disrespectful to people. spraying people with spray paint. and then they started bombing and showing off. actually filming themselves. >> zacchary tried covering the
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graffiti on his building with one coat of paint unsuck nrichlt carlos says his landlord just painted the exterior of his building 4 months ago. vandalism included carlos building which as church downstairs and apartment above. zacchary apartment building and another building down the block. they are used to satisfying graffiti. just not like this. >> this type of wherever fit i has never happened on this load on people property. normally they go on vacant property. but this is where people leif. this is where people worship. >> this is just total disrespect to at the time people in the community. people ask you to stop. you get aggressive to the people living here. it's just wrong. >> zacchary says the tagger were there at least half hououo police arrived after they had left. >> there are identifiable names on this. i talked to the police department. they are familiar with the crew. these people live just down the street wechlt know who they ar are. police know who they are. we just want the police to handle the 58's care of them.
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>>reporter: police tell us catching graffiti bottom bomber is like finding a needle in a haystack happens so often in so many parts of the city. city has an abatement program to help people clean up after bombing or tagging free one time for private properties if you would like to find out more find a link on our web site. in oakland heather abc 7 news. meantime in walnut creek police release image of man who caused 10,000 dollars in damage to several broadway plaza businesses. they have been evening graffiti on store window. targeted businesses have not been identified and police want to catch this gay before he does any more damage. >> silicon valley frooe freeway about to get more crowded this summer when tech giant stops allowing myes to work at home. business technology reporter david explains tonight why
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yahoo wants to end telecommuting. >> two days aweek mitchell commute is a flight of stairs at home. instead of driving from san jose to palo alto. he's the it manager at software company that make shipping label systems for on line seller. >> great benefit and people will start to think 2 times before benefit is taken away. >>reporter: yahoo planning to do exactly that. in a memo from a resource manager yahoo require employee to tell he commute or work rae mostly from home to work at the office starting in june. idea is to encourage brain storming. he began working at home 2 days a week couple years ago. >> wednesday friday working from home changed my whole personality and outlook on wor work. i work longer. i start 6:30 in the morning instead of close to 8. and i don't take lunch brick at home because i can eat at home and keep going. >>reporter: co-founder can't
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imagine taking the benefit away from his 168 employees. almost a birth right in silicon valley. >> saving maine maybe 2 to 3 hours of commute time. use the energy at work. and i believe put in more hours. less interruption and quiet time and works out nicely. >> however psychologist understand some company may want to develop strong are team work that comes from interaction at the office. we talked to her by skype. >> there's so much ramp for miss communication. a lot of opportunity for people to just not care about how well they are doing in the office or what they are contributing to the team. i think all these things ri are heighten when people don't exercise act with each other face-to-face in the office. >>reporter: making employee every day does carry some risk. some yahoo employee may quit. yet there are plenty of silicon valley company that say they will quickly snap them up and put them to work allowing them to work at home. this is abc 7 news. describers who illegally
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share movies or songs could end up losing web access under new strategy to combat internet conspiracy dubbed 6 strike. here's y.users accused of on line pirate get up to 6 alert at which point subscribers get punished by internet providers. among those participating cable vision, verizon time warner cable and comcast. warner and emi record label also involved in this. as is the white house. >> next story one you see only on 7 news. follow-up to the report that we broke last night on 7 news at 11:00. key tip to our reporter that could end a nip-year-old murder mystery. 58-year-old priscilla killed in san mateo county home in 2004. today 7 news reporter vick lee reached out to her daughter. >> i'm happy. i'm happy that there's a new revived interest
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in the case. i was extremely disappointed at the fact that it went cold. as were my clients. >> lawyer bill rappaport represents door is inc. the murder victim daughter the one who offered one million dollar reward when the mother pre-sill a murdered nine years ago. >> i pray that the people responsible for this will be found. >> priscilla was strangled in the hillsboro home. police say 2 asian men broke that the house and tied up she and her house guest who survived a brutal beating. investigators say it was not random murder. her ex-husband had just lost a bitter legal battle over the assets the day before the murder. at the time police told reporters he was not a suspect. case went cold. year later door is pre-sill a daughter by previous marriage offered the huge reward. in november 2007 3 years after the murder i received e-mails from a sender whom we will call dic dick. we changed the name to
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protect his say. he told me the killer live in singapore. he knew details of the murder. dick said reward offered by the victim daughter is our motel vision to get the case solved. >> not unusual to have that as motive. this is a fairly large reward. >> dick wanted abc 7 news to introduce him to hillsboro police investigators. since then captain doug davis said they had extensive contact with him. >> what made this lead unique is that the information provided to you we considered very credible. >> a lot of legal obstacle in singapore present vicinityed he says hillsboro police from enter have you gone one of the suspect. now investigators believe they have resolved those problems. they will be able to meet with him. rappaport called her today. he told us she surprised by the developments. >> she doesn't want to get herself to the point where she says good maybe now there will be closure because this crushed her before. she doesn't want to put herself there again at this moment. >> now 7 news decided to hold
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this story at the request of hillsboro police for fear of jeopardizing the investigation but now with this development we felt that we could break the story without compromising the them. one footnote police tell us now they are ruling out no one as person of interest or as suspect. vick lee, 7 news. coming up tonight at 11:00. reporter vick lae has exclusive report about a woman whose life was turned upside down when thief tried to blackmail her with what he found on her cell phone. we have that story over on channel 7. mean time abc 7 news i team looking for cancer causing chemical in the drinking water. state agency refs to set the stand arrested for how much is too much. that story is next. >> plus i'm in sacramento. president and lawmakers don't reach a deal by friday budget cuts take effect and californians will feel the
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pain. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center we get late natural rainy season but rain again? forecast is coming up. >> thanks spencer. plus why anchor see beer drinker with anchor see beer drinker with bitter taste in their mo
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>> in washington count down to sequester continues tonight. it's a bitter pill across the board federal cuts created by congress to force congress to make a better deal. but in over a year that hadn't happened and tonight annette reports that california will lose billions if nothing changes by friday. >> if the federal cuts good through sequester felt the har hardest in california public schools. state department of education estimates that between grants for low income kids special ed students head start other class rooms lose 260 million dollars roughly 2000 teachers and aids getting pink slip. president gordon says that is sad news for your ban areas. >> federal assistance tends to be sent out to school districts based on the number of poor kids you have and kids that are at risk. >> on top of that 1 million dollars in back scene funding
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means nearly 16,000 children in california will not be guest the necessary shots. over at the unemployment office another hit for the long-term unemployed. receiving benefit extension. their check could be smaller. >> we have been informed by the u.s. department of labor that the employment benefit amounts for long-term unapplied individuals could be cut by as many as 10%. >> forget service lake job training and telephone assistance because a.d.d. administrative budget is in license for severe cut back. >> that means our ability to answer the phone. be able to process work load timely. get people benefits timely. >>reporter: elderly will especially be vulnerable if sequester takes effect. programs like meals on wheels not be able to provide as much food if the budget is cut. for this local senior center near the capitol that means serving roughly 50,000 fewer meals a year. that scares paul williams because his mother social security check doesn't go far. >> after my pay my rent and
9:20 pm
utility my medicine and go to the grocery store, >>reporter: not enough. >> no. i'm always hungry. >>. >>reporter: public safety would also be on the chopping block with fewer fbi drug enforcement agent on california streets n.sacramento, abc 7 news. >> oyster farm stays open while it fights for the future. federal appeals court rule the farm at the national sea shore can continue to operate while it appeals federal decision. interior department allowed drake lease to expire so the area could be returned to the wilderness. court ruled in favor of the oyster farm saying there are still serious legal questions about closing the farm. both sides are set to good back in court in may so this on running dispute continues. >> attention to weather forecast. back to work spencer here. feels like spring. >> it does. almost summer as a matter of fact. everywhere i have gone can you believe how mild it is people say. my anes yes.
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>> can you believe how mild it is. >> yes i can. thank you. >> straight man. >> here's a look at live doppler 7hd not picking up any clouds or precipitation. mostly clear 68 right now. live view from the high definition south beach camera in san francisco temperature readings 51 degrees right now in san francisco and 52 in oakland 50 san jose another live view from 7 looking at the other side of the bay bridge and clear skies. napa 46 degrees getting chilly in some of the north bay locations. and these are our forecast feature going to be clear and cool overnight sunny mild again tomorrow with even warmer day to the end of the week. high pressure in the mid snis some spots. here's why we have the weather we are having now. satellite image shows big ridge of high pressure that will be the dominant feature in our weather picture for several days. stormtracker flowing well to the north and remain to our north throughout the week so it's mild and dry through the week. speaking of dry,
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this is just how dry it is. shows the did he pap part tour from ample rainfall total at this point in the season. we have got most location 2 to three inches of rainfall right now just to reach the average point of rainfall for this rainy season which is certainly not right now. overnight tonight clear sky chilly conditions in the interior valley of the north bay. and east bay. low pressure will drop in the early morning hours to mid 30's in some spots. see low right around 40 in moat most by shore location. 44 in san francisco. tomorrow. sunny again and mild again in the south bay. high in the mid 60's. look for high of 66 at san jose. 65 at santa clara on peninsula also mid 60's for the most part. 65 at redwood city. palo alto and mountain view. on the coast mid upper 50's at pacifica and a half moon basement around san francisco is see a range of high from 62 down to 59 in the sun set
9:23 pm
district. north bay mid upper 60's. high of 68 at santa rosa. 67 at sonoma and nap a.on the east bay berkeley. oakland san leandro 64 degrees in inland east bay mid upper 60's. 67 at concord fair field and 66 at life more and mraes pleasanton and accu-weather 7 day forecast looks like this. see even milder toward the end of the week by thursday up to about 70 agrees inland. friday mid 70's inland. low 70's around the bay and mid 60's on the coast see graduate drop-off in temperatures through the weekend. we have a spap of lovely spring like weather coming our way. it's dry. we do need the rainfall. no complaining about the weather conditions. >> no nice to enjoy really is. >> thanks very much. >> all right. head to head contest there is no contest. even drenched in olive oil and with nut the diet that beats low fat diet. see that stay lo[ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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>> health items tonight. new research finds mediterranean diet cut the risk of heart attack and stroke by almost a third. mediterranean diet based on olive oil. fish. nuts. fruits vegetables. researchers in spain say that diet is even better than drugs to prevent major cardio vascular problems because it has few if any side effects. >> where a drug it would be called the blockbuster the. >> surprise me the most for years we recommended a low fat diet for people. diet selects the proper fat rather than going for no fat can actually do your heart more good. >>reporter: research publish
9:28 pm
in the new england journal of medicine. on the subject of food losing a superbowl bet is costing san francisco brewery more than money. costing them pridement starting today anchor brewing is pouring a baltimore area beer in its tap room for entire week. they lost superbowl bet to flying dog taking the tour heard the awful news straight from the brewery ceo this morning. >> wants to broadcast our humiliating experience. >> the brewery and production people wouldn't look me in the eye. hang their head in shame. >> to add to the shame the staff wore raven shurts. good news after getting through the first glass of flying dog guest able to sample anchor own brew. of course a little public 30's that doesn't hurt. >> coming up next 7 news at 9:00. 7 news i'm team looks for cancer causing chemical in our drinking water only to find there is no standard for how
9:29 pm
much is safe. >> local catholic leader join the conclave of cardinal. he talks about what he would like to see in the next pope. >> absolutely once in a life time. unbelievable. >> up on the roof. how a car ended up understood down 30 feet off the ground. stay with
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mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ >> when laws are passed we expect to follow them. when we don't we get in trouble. seems a state agency gets away with not following a law that was passed to keep our drinking water safe. dan tonight with what the state is and is not doing to protect our water
9:33 pm
supply. >>reporter: this is found in water across california. data from the california department of public health shows it has been detect entered 52 of the 58 counties. it's believed to cause cancer when injested but debate over how much is harmful to drink. abc 7 news i team sampled water in 4 bay area locations. chosen for their history of chrome levels we followed the instruction. took sample. brought them to the lab in pittsburgh. the only lab in the bay area doing the latest epa test for this chrome in drinking water. we wanted to compare the results to the state standard for the chrome in drinking water. one problem? even with law on the books the state never established one. >> delay delay delay delay. >>reporter: erin brockovich and name sake movie from 13 years ago made this chrome infamous. her effort helped spark a law mandating the california department of public health to come up with a
9:34 pm
maximum contaminant level in drinking water by 2004. nine years later and still no standard. >> supposed to be here to help protect the health and welfare of a community or of a state. i'm doing that. >>reporter: we asked to peck to somebody from the department of public health. they declined because of this. the natural resource defense council and environmental working group filed lawsuit against the california department of public health over the lack of a standard. renee sharp is with ewg. >> think about the number of children number of adults that have been exposed for practically our life time at this point. >>reporter: like it or not usually takes 10 years to get that cooped of information. toxicologist with the epa says it takes time to set standard. more test need to be done to determine how dangerous the compound is to drink. believes there is no cause to worry.
9:35 pm
>> i don't think that we have any or there would only be a few folks that really l would be at risk at this point from this chrome in the drinking water. >>reporter: in july 2011 the state office of environmental health hazard assessment set the public health goal for this chromium in drinking water at sear.02 parts per billion. unenforceable number to guide the public health standard process. according to this web site the public health goal means that for every million people who drink 2 liters of water with that level of chromium daily for 70 years one person would get cancer. brockovitch says the risk to one person is enough. that the state should use the public health goevl goal as stand arrest. >> didn't set a public health goal that low unless something above that in fact could jeopardize public health welfare. >> they sit at such an exceedingly low level. >>reporter: much research on how to get this chromium out of
9:36 pm
drinking water has been done in glendale where levels are high. don manages the glendale program. team has been successful in getting the chrome did you know to 1 part per billion from 80 parts per billion. no process to get the level down to the zero.02 public health goal. that might the another 10 years to develo develop. that brings us back to our test. in livermore where also running test on the chromium removal weñi found none at this park. this park was not so lucky. we found this number. 25 times higher than the public health goal. the numbers jump when we manufacture to san jose. the drinking fountain in the santa clara county administration building had 1.64 parts per billion or 82 times greater than the public health goal. but no place we sampled had more this chromium than the park in san jose. the level there was 2.95 parts per billion 147 times higher than
9:37 pm
the state public health goal. numbers like these frustrate erin brockovich because of the state lack of action. >> you have a law to deal w.ignoring it and you are personally responsible for putting all the people in jeopardy. >>reporter: on the web site the california department of public health says it will rae least draft stand arrested this summer that will be open for public comment. but the official standard may not be set until july 2015. for the i team dan noyes abc 7 news. >> the census bureau now athated it would drop the word negro from the form after many describe it as offensive. term replaced next year by black or african american and change will take effect next year. >> federal civil trial against bp and other companies involved in the disaster gulf oil spills under way. protestors gathered outside federal court news new orleans opening statements began. it's hopes that the trial will identify what caused the explosion on the deep water horizon oil rig and then the
9:38 pm
subsequent massive spill that followed 2010. analyst say conviction for gross negligence could expose bp to more than 17 billion dollars in fine. trial takes place days after bp payed 4 billion dollars to settle criminal charges. >> catholic church is dealing with 2 new scandal tonight including the rest iing nation of its most senior cleric in britain. cardinal o'brien resigned his position today after allegations against him by 4 priests surfaced of inappropriate behavior. according to britain observer newspaper the acts dated back to the 19 yichlts vatican announced out going pope benedict and successor would be the only 2 people to see the results of top secret investigation into misconduct in the catholic church. italian media sets report details evidence of corruption, blackmail and gay sex ring. vatican has denied those accounts. mean time today pope benedict enacted major change to church law to speed up the
9:39 pm
selection of his successor. new law will allow cardinals to call the conclave earlier than what is currently allowed. that change will allow the cardinals to elect and install the new pope before holy week combines on palm sunday march 24th this year. >> pope ben picture is set to officially step down this thursday 3 days from now and among those who choose successor is archbishop of san francisco. first tile the cardinal william has ever taken part in the secret conclave. carolyn tyler has the story. >> you need to pray for me. >>reporter: cardinal william heads to rome tomorrow. today he spoke before seminarian and faculty at saint patrick seminary and university in menlo park. he's froping take part in this process known as the con clay. he will be among the 117 cardinal from all over the world who are unthe age of 80. eligible to collect the new leader of the roman
9:40 pm
catholic church. >> one need to lack for for man of faith. man of prayer. person who has shown quult of leadership. >>reporter: 76-year-old cardinal wouldo see a younger pope. he wants the highest ranking american in the catholic church doesn't think any cardinal from this country stands a chance. >> additional complexity for an american pope to have to deal with the perception that some of his decisions might be perceived to be dictated by american governmental policy. >> he has been friends with the rae tiring pope benedict since the early 1980's when known as cardinal and chose him to take his part as pre-effect of the congregation. he will have what he expects to be emotional farewell with the pope thursday morning. then it's down to the business at hand. church sex abuse scandal and other controversy will add to the
9:41 pm
challenges the cardinal face. >> would i say that it's going to be very much in my mind. >>reporter: in menlo park carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> world famous explorer calls it quits. how the coldest journey on earth proved too journey on earth proved too dangerous for the leader oíáf-
9:42 pm
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9:44 pm
>> now to strangest car crash ever see n.houston, texas speeding suv flew off the road, went airborne and smashed into the roof of one house before lodging that the roof of a second. without hurting anyon anyone. that's the good news. but a wild. reporter simon guiteirez has the story. >>reporter: car upside down. lodged in the roof of this hom home. >> just outrageous. i have seen bad accidents over here
9:45 pm
but this is really the worst one i have ever seen. >>reporter: deputy say the driver could have been going between 85 and 90 miles an hour when he left the roadway here. he drove right through here up that em bankment which launched him that the air crashing in the first house and landing upside down on the second. the truck driver walked away from the bizarre wreck with barely a scratch. once firefighters got him out. >> i mean the guy is bouncing off houses. ended up on a roo roof. i don't know i don't know how he walked out of this. >>reporter: although people were in both homes when the car crashed into them no one inside suffered any injuries. as for getting the car off the house that took a big crane with 90thy maneuvering. >> picket up from there and just kind of slide it out of there. it would be straight up and down. >> weirdest thing. simon reporting after 10 plus hours the truck was finally back on the ground. off the houses. >> amarillo a, texas is buried
9:46 pm
under snow. nearly 17 inches of snow started falling yesterday in amarillo a.emergency personnel utility crew not equipped to handle heavy ♪. hundreds without power. win gust up to 60 miles an hour are pushing blanket of snow across the road creating white out conditions. authorities have shut down all roads out of amarillo. all flights out of the airport were also cancel. >> veteran british explorer is quitting his attempt to be the first person to cross the south pole on skis. after developing severe case of frost bite. he's 68. he will be evacuation wayed when blizzard conditions end. fines an his 5 member team had hoped to conquer what is long called one of the last great polar challenges. traversing 2500 miles in a place where temperatures often dip as low as minus 100 degrees. the expedition had been dubbed coldest journey and team encountered rough conditions from the moment they
9:47 pm
landed. >> white out conditions. top of the mountain pass. 2000 80 meters. last tonight the wind started to pick up. unfortunately the snow came in with it. and we can't see. just about make out this behind me. after one night of snow. >>reporter: fines frost bite when he fell on the ice and removed a glove in order to regain his skis at 90 below temperature. rest of the team plans to continue on. organizers trying to raise 10 million dollars for charity which seeks to prevent blindness. >> all right moving on most of us will never quite understand why toddler seem to hate taking nap. up next. baby caught red handed definitely not sleeping. handed definitely not sleeping. during nap time. stay with u
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>> hold off buying the pwaerns noble e.roeder the nook at least for a little while. head of pwaerns noble announce today he wants to buy the company retail stores but not the nook. he says that would be left as separate business. this comes as pwaerns noble reported weak christmas sale season. sales retail stores down 11 percent from the year before and sales at its nook unit were down more than 12 percent. >> toddler can't read because that might help the kid fall asleep. latest video shaking up things on you tube. a little boy who definitely has better things to do during bed time. they invest entered baby monitor and watch the foot annual of the child occurring nap time, check this guy out. this is what they saw. little boy caught on video face plants in his crib. over and over and over again. watch this kid.
9:52 pm
all right stick witness. there he goes. go jude. >> who knows pretty cute. >> spencer to update the forecast. look at him go. >> exactly. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. not so entertaining as judy but we find clouds precipitation none of which found right now. clear skies. state wide tomorrow it's clear almost everywhere except up in eureka a few clouds moving in but sunny skies down through the central valley that southern california. mild to warm conditions state wide and that includes the bay area which continues to get milder and milder sunny skies tomorrow. see high pressure in the mid to upper 60's across the board. here's a look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. by thursday and friday we see high pressure climbing in the 70's. mid 70's in fact. on friday. holding on low 70's on saturday. then finally tapering off to mir 60's and
9:53 pm
nice mild stretch of weather coming our way. >> thanks very much. >> larry is here footage of larry very violent behavior. >> i was thinking of just face planting the next 5 minutes. it worked for judy. lookly more entertaining than this. actually. >> we have beache. giant skipper evaluating young prospect in camp shar
9:54 pm
mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪
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>> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. new clue in the search for bay area couple missing in peru. what this video is telling friends about their disappearance. >> 7 news exclusive report on cell phone theft that turned that blackmail. turned a woman life upside down. those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00. over on channel 7. but larry here with all the sports. all things baseball tonight. >> yes. we start with the spring training. you go down
9:57 pm
to arizona you want to see the favorite players and action in the game warm and sunny. giants white sox delivered today on the feel. combine for 18 runs. although a rough outing for this family. giants leading 3 nothing. brett down the line. scores buster. and hunter in the third. giants scored 6 runs in that frame and led 9 nothing. couldn't protect the skipper son. brett tagged for 5 runs in just 2 third of an inning in the ate. gave autopsy double and 3 run home tore seth so the game was called ending in a 9-9 tie. regarding them every father dream playing catch with their son make it up to the big league as mike reports the giants really have a unique situation going on in their camp. >>reporter: giants manager bruce watching his pitching staff closely and this year it includes his son brett who is in camp for the first time as a pro.
9:58 pm
>> manager here at the field and all business when we get here but off the field it's dad again and resume our normal relationship. >>reporter: bruce joked having him around adds more pressure to the job. >> yes. hopefully i don't provide any more stress than he need. >> he's so exited to be here. worked hard to get here. earned this. so i look forward to watching him just lake the rest of the guys here but pretty special to have your son here. i won't lie. >> brad drafted by the giants as closer. last season in richmond 7 and 3 record with a 2.5 3 era and 14 saves. >> what are you look to go accomplish in the game. >> trying to take it all in. trying to see what the pitching coaches want to tell me and change and trying to get bette better. >> with seemingly half the bullpen leaving saturday for the world baseball classic brett will see a lot more game action. >> what is your strength as pitcher. >> throw a lot of strike and basically pitch to each corn we are all my pitches and
9:59 pm
location. >> he's getting hazed as coach son but brett knows he can learn from the starting rotation and his manager. >> he's my dad so i look up to him as dad always and role model on and off the field. >> not too many father son can say they have had this experience. >> with the giants mike, abc 7 sports. >> phoenix ton of offense in the game but start with defens defense. reddick with ill do this many times during the season. robbing former stanford man phelps. josh this is almost as good. 90thy play at third base to get juan diaz. as for the offense. well it came late. indians beat the a's by account of 14-10. all the offense coming after the 6th inning pretty much. rarely happens in sports but brady agreed to contract extension with patriots that far below market valley. now he's not going to play for 4

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